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Blake Shelton Caught Doing Dougie in Kentucky

Blake-“Aint a damn one know how to do the dougie.”

Some bitch -“You don’t do the dougie?”

Blake- “No, not in Kentucky”

They were words that shot through pop culture, a country artist dissing a popular hip hop dance and song.

No hip hop fans seemed to care. Mainly since they don’t listen to shitty country music and know that Shelton is a sell out who certainly doesn’t write his own lyrics.

Blake Shelton fans on the other hand, loved the lyrics. Most are racist and despise anything black people have ever done and/or created. And that includes the dougie.

“What the fuck is the dougie? Just another way black people piss me off,” country fan Robert E. Lee-Johnson said.

Blake Shelton fans are in shock now that the country artist was in fact caught doing the dougie in Louisville, Kentucky. 

“You think you know someone and what they stand for, then they just stab you in the back,” Lee-Johnson said.

“This is an outrage,” another country fan Orval Buttplug said, “Once that song came out, everyone knew Kentucky was a dougie-free zone.”

Louisville Police Chief Clans Man said the alleged actions by Shelton are “disgusting” and “heinous”.

He also said the police department are looking into whether or not Shelton committed the crime.

If so he would be facing 25 years in prison and a 2 million dollar fine. The investigation is ongoing.

Reps from the country singer are denying the event took place but make no doubt about it, this is important news.



2 thoughts on “Blake Shelton Caught Doing Dougie in Kentucky

  1. There is no doubt in my mind that this is important news, did that even need to be said?

    Posted by Harry Ballz | August 10, 2013, 1:01 pm


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